Tips to Cook Delicious Crabs and Shrimp

Tips to Cook Delicious Crabs and Shrimp

Seafood is the source of vital elements needed by our body. According to the composition of mineral components it’s ahead of vegetable and animal products.

So, how to select seafood, cook them delicious, and preserve their advantage?

Here is the first rule: seafood must be fresh. Resist the temptation to save money, it can hit the quality and harm to health. If the price is suspiciously low – avoid the purchase.

If you’re choosing between chilled and frozen seafood, you should better give preference to chilled one. When you buy frozen seafood, look for the presence of ice. It’s a sign that the product was frozen a few times.

Second rule: seafood require a minimum of heat treatment and little amount of spices. Discard the dill, fragrant spices and various flavor enhancers to feel clean, salty-sweet taste of seafood.


Crabs, offered in stores, are often sold as a prepared product – boiled- frozen, or chilled. There is no great difference between the phalanx, so-called “salad” meat from the claws, or the whole crab.

If you buy raw crab, be sure that he would be fresh. The product shouldn’t have “fish” smell – it’s the general rule for all seafood. Limbs and shell should be intact and undamaged. “Fleep” on the extremities should be elastic.

Crab is being prepared together with carapace. The easiest way of cooking it is boiling. Cooking time varies depending on the size of a crab, but it is always limited by persistent redness of the shell – thereafter continue cooking is undesirable.

Crabs are perfectly combined with fresh vegetables: tomato, cucumber, lettuce. You can apply for garnish rice and mushrooms.

Crab is diet product, it is recommended in cardiovascular disease and anemia. It contains zinc, calcium, copper, phosphorus, vitamins A, E, D, as well as vitamins of group B.


There are many species of shrimp – any taste and size. Especially popular are the prawns, and krill, which are the main source of krill oil . In raw form they have grayish color, and become red when cooking. Choose them on the same criteria as crabs.

There are many ways to cook shrimp. They can be boiled, baked, broiled on the grill, smoked and pickled.

This is one of the few seafood, which fit a variety of spices: garlic, cumin, coriander. They are combined with vegetables and fruits: avocado, banana, pineapple, and are suitable for a light romantic dinner – shrimp is known as good aphrodisiac.

Shrimp meat is recommended in diabetes, coronary heart disease, iodine deficiency, and includes such substances as iodine, calcium, potassium, zinc, sulfur, and essential fatty acids omega-3.